Can I smoke my Wee-Cig in public places?

Whenever you enjoy one of your Wee-Cig products always remember to stay within the law and obey the rules of the area or establishment that you are in.

Do any of the Wee-Cig products produce smoke?

No, Wee-Cig produces a vapour which looks like smoke but disappears in seconds. Wee-Cig products are clean and do not have the smell or ash associated with smoking.

What is Wee-Cig?

Wee-Cig is a company that specializes in vaporizing and is dedicated to giving you the best toke possible while on the go. Whether you are using our revolutionary handheld vaporizers or indistinguishable e-cigarette, Wee-Cig empowers smokers, by giving them the cleanest and most accessible alternative to traditional smoking.

What is Vaporizing?

Vaporizing is when a substance is heated to a specific temperature, known as the sweet spot, which causes the dried herb to boil, releasing a vapor. This vapor is less toxic than smoke that is released during combustion of a dried substance when it is burnt at a higher temperature.

Does the Wee-cig contain tobacco or nicotine?

No. The Wee-Cig is simply a handheld vaporizer that does not contain any tobacco or nicotine.

Where can I buy my Wee-Cig?

Please contact our customer representatives at 1 438 863 9283 and someone will be there to assist you in getting a Wee-Cig as well as answer any question you may have. Wee-Cig products are also available in retail shops and directly through the Wee-Cig company.

How can I pay for my Wee-Cig product?

To pay for your Wee-Cig product, simply call the sales line at 1 438 863 9283 and a customer representative will be happy to assist you. Wee-Cig accepts VISA, MASTERCARD AND AMEX.

Can I use tobacco with my Wee-C or Wee-T?

You can only use pipe tobacco. Rolling tobacco can't be used.

Should Wee-Cig products be used to quit smoking?

No, they should not be used to quit smoking nor are Wee-Cig products marketed or sold as cessation devices as they have not been approved by the FDA as cessation devices.